Guitar Player Magazine

FIRST PLACE         

(in an international guitar player contest sponsored by Guitar Player magazine and Broadjam)

"Hot Pursuit"

Warren grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go, but his approach delightfuly mates macho aggro riffs with sweet melodies and a soaring tone that lets every note he plays speak with authority.

Progressive World

Britt Warren is positively "Fearless" with his music."

Guitar Player Magazine

Britt Warren, "Run to Him"

Ballsy, loud, and totally in-your-face. Warren's tone is perfect for driving his aggro melodies and slinky rock riffs.


"Britt Warren is a refreshingly eclectic and inspirational artist. He is a fabulous musician and lyricists that gives his listener every ounce of energy and soul on ever song he plays."


"..... Fearless will get you coming and going."


"A virtuoso guitarist, seasoned session pro, writer and producer, Britt Warren's wide array of influences emerge with a sound as unique as his fingerprints."


D.J.'s comment just before airing the "Fearless" CD - ..."After listening to this I really contemplated selling all my guitar equipment."